Home Depot Sucks


As part of GC homework, I went to Home Depot to check out a few things, only to be sorely disappointed. For such an embarrassment of riches, there is nothing there.

-tiles – the small tiles that I like are $6.50/sq. ft. and until March 26, they’ll measure for free. The catch? The tiles are only available in cobalt blue. Not bad, but not what I want. I mean, wouldn’t basic black be a given? Bergen Tile gave me a quote of $78 for a 30 sq. ft. box of black tiles. I like the blue fine, I’ll have to see if I like the black for twice as much.

-sinks – from the few basic undermount sinks, the Elkay has the same dimensions as the sink I have now, and comes at 10″ deep. Could be the winner.

-sanders – I am so sick of Rock Miracle, I thought I’d look into sanders, and save my hands. After waiting in the tool department for a while, I finally read on a sign, “$14 for 4 hours”. All I needed to know, but I always like a human touch.

-wood finishers – I wanted to look into the variety of wood waxes and finishing oils before I decide on what to use. There’s barely anything here, only some Watco Oil. My local hardware store has a better selection.

-Rock Miracle – none in sight.

So promising in size and quantity, so LAME.

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