Damage Done

degct424f.jpg debig24.jpg ff6bisstb.jpg

I did it. I ordered my appliances and I am now $3303.85 poorer. But, I will be the proud owner of a 24″ cooktop, a 24″ oven, and a set of undercounter fridge and freezer, all in a month’s time. Luckily, I found it all in one place at AM Royal after searching both in stores and on the web. AM Royal is based in New Jersey, so there isn’t any sales tax, saving me $272.57, although the shipping will be $70. I’ve asked them to hold everything until the end of March; I only have to call them three business days in advance to schedule the delivery.

I have to decide on the placement of the freezer and fridge, as it determines the hinging of the doors. I want to be able to open the doors like a set of curtains from the inside out. Or does this really matter? And which should go on which side? I’ll dig into the fridge more, so should it be closer to the wall, or the entrance? My guess is to the wall so that it opens towards the entrance and doesn’t block the entrance as it would on the other side. Another question for my architect.


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