The Kitchen Sink

22356.jpg 87b0ae03-e138-4d66-8094-9077c0e75824_300.jpg 22353.jpg

Searching for a sink is, well, just not that interesting. All I want is a simple, stainless steel undermounted sink that is maybe slightly smaller than the sink that I have right now. Not porcelain, not copper, not “hammered”. Not double or triple bowled. Not kidney-shaped. Just plain and innocuous. My cabinet maker suggested going to a restaurant supply store and having one custom made, but the quote ended up being $895. A generic sink might be the way to go.

The current sink is approximately 21″ x 16″ x 7″ deep. I don’t mind the sink size as it currently stands, as it is workable. Kohler and Moen Lancelot make this standard size at half the price of the custom sink. Since the stove is going to be slightly larger, the idea is that the sink go slightly smaller, something that would be nice proportionately, but not necessary. Moen Lancelot makes a version that is 18″ x 14″ x 8″ deep, and I wonder if this is too small. This is a question for my architect.


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