Sad Little Mangoes

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As a good will gesture to my friend from whom I borrowed the skinny screwdrivers, I brought over brunch from Whole Foods. Bagels, fruit salad, and Siggi’s Icelandic yogurt made for a nice, light meal. I deemed the fruit necessary to balance the starchy bagel, but it might as well have been wax. Wincingly tart raspberries, flavorless blueberries and potato-like mangoes – my friend gave them back to me. Thanks, but no thanks.

The berries were acceptable cloaked in yogurt, but what to do with the tuber mangoes? Hard and bland, they barely met the description of fruit. One way to make it better is to grill them. I love grilled fruit – grilled peaches over ice cream, grilled apples in salads, why not grill mangoes? The searing heat will bring out the juiciness and carmelize the inherent sugars. For a little more flavor, I add some ground ginger, cinnamon, and sugar. A little ice cream wouldn’t hurt either.

The Littlest Kitchen happens to have a George Foreman grill from the larger kitchen of previous inhabitance. I don’t mind it’s simplicity – it doesn’t even have an on/off switch – but it’s merely okay for grilling, and can’t be compared with a real barbecue. Most of the time, I prefer a frying pan since it’s easier to clean, unless I really want those grill marks. For grilled mangoes, I really want those grill marks.

Grilled fruit – serves two

-slice 1/2 cup fruit (mangoes, peaches, apples, etc.)
-toss with 1/2t oil and 1/4t sugar, ground ginger, and cinnamon
-lay on a George Foreman grill in a single layer, cook for about 4 minutes until grill marks appear on the bottom
-flip fruit with tongs, cook another 2 minutes for the other side

The truth is grilling these sad little mangoes made them better and more palatable, but they did not meet my expectations for grilled fruit. They became more tender, but not juicy. Slightly more flavorful, but not sweet. These were just crappy mangoes.


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