Kitchen Catch-Up

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I didn’t deal much with the kitchen last week because, relief of reliefs, my super agreed to do the floors. Once I asked him for a recommendation for another person, he wanted to do it. Just like a man.

Now that the players are in place, I can move forward with a schedule:

3/3-17: buy appliances and have them held at the warehouse
research cabinet finishing techniques and products
email final decisions to architect
price out tiles
research sinks (still!)
confirm schedule with cabinet maker (remeasure?)
weekends, finish sanding and waxing cabinet frame (rent power sander?)

3/17-24: demolition to remove old sink cabinet and stove
move refrigerator and kitchen stuff to living room
buy sink and faucet
appliance delivery

3/24-31: install cabinets and new fridges
get rid of old fridge
call marble guys to measure for templates

3/31: install marble

I’m a little uneasy about not being done with the cabinet yet. The underside has been a son of a bitch and I’m not done yet. Surprisingly having scraped off all the white paint, it reflects so much less light underneath. Actually, the whole cabinet which used to be a giant reflector that bounced light back into the dark Littlest Kitchen, now just sucks up the light.

One obstacle has been the paper towel holder. It is screwed into the underside – TIGHT. Not only is it difficult to get to, practically in a supine position, I had to borrow skinnier screwdrivers to steer course of the tube holder in the way. Needless to say my two attempts did not work, what I need is brute strength. I need a man.


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