Foot Pedal Sink!


After reading about Dave Arnold’s mad cooking inventions in this week’s Time Magazine, I became intrigued with his idea of a foot pedal sink. A hands-free sink enables a minimization of running water, which is great for us water watchers. I haven’t been able to wash my dishes California style – only running water for rinsing – since moving to The Littlest Kitchen, with its separate hot and cold faucets and no room to spread out soaped dishes. And what a boon for germaphobes – how can your hands be really clean when you’re touching the same faucets that were touched by dirty hands? These sinks can be found through medical equipment manufacturers, hospitals being the real place of need for godliness cleanliness. Kitchen Source also has one, catching wind as something useful in the kitchen. A fantasy that can be a reality.


2 Responses to “Foot Pedal Sink!”

  1. John Reali Says:

    If you like this then check out an easy retrofit to any sink. Hands-free water conservation is here!

  2. cheapkitchen Says:

    Great, thanks!

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