Busy Week Ahead

img_1659.jpgBeing as budget conscious as I am, I have decided not to hire a general contractor for my kitchen renovation. I’m not moving plumbing or gas, or even electricity, if I can help it. I am my own general contractor.Still, this is no small feat for me, requiring the coordination and logic of an army commander, in my mind. But I am open to new challenges, look at the cabinet! Luckily, I have the guiding light of my ace cabinet maker and my fabulous detail-obsessed architect. The tentative schedule is demo, floors, and painting on the week of March 10. Cabinet and fridge installation on the week of March 17. Countertop and stove installation on the week of March 23. It means no stove or sink for almost a month!My to do list this week is:-talk to my super about demo, possibly doing the floors, and painting the kitchen-call AM Royal about ordering appliances-call the marble guys-check out possible sinks at the restaurant supply storesEssentially, I’ve given myself until March 10 to finish the cabinet, which I think I can do. Next weekend, I’ll take the doors off to finish the frame, and the inside of the doors. This leaves two weekends to sand and wax, which hopefully won’t be as toxic as the stripping. Did you know that Rock Miracle “reduces the blood’s oxygen carrying capacity”? Probably as harmful as smoking a lifetime of cigarettes!


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