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The biggest problem that I see in my new plans is the access to electrical outlets. Hidden in two cabinets – one to be in the broom closet (left), and the other in the pantry shelves (right) – they won’t be easy to get to. In distributing the electricity to the major appliances, the two undercounter fridges will be hooked up in the main living space, and the oven and stove will probably hook up in the broom closet. But how? By feeding the cords through a hole in the cabinet? Or is the solution to not have a broom closet in order to make the outlet and the light switch attached to it, more accessible?

With the outlet in the pantry shelves, it will be hidden by the rear cabinet if it’s more than 17″ in depth. 18″ is a standard for drawers, which I’d like to have. The rear cabinet is supposed to hold the microwave (inside) and the toaster oven (outside), so less than 17″ is fine, but it may mean sacrificing something else, this time, drawers. And if the microwave goes inside the cabinet, how do I feed the cord out? Another hole?

And what about the temporary plug-ins like the blender, the coffee grinder, the future food processor, the rice cooker, the George Foreman grill, etc.? If I want to use any of these appliances, will I have to open a door and let it hang open? There will be sacrifices. Or rewiring.


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