Bye Bye Blueprint


Traveling brings about the obligatory raid at the newstand. I had to get the Rolling Stone with Britney Spears – consumed before getting in the air, the new Dwell for its homes under 1000 sq. ft, and the final issue of Blueprint, the hipper, quirkier version of Martha Stewart Living. It’s always sad to see the demise of a magazne, Blueprint makes me sadder still since it had good solutions for the budget home enthusiast, a possibly un-lucrative demographic, as witnessed by the ill-fated Budget Living. This month’s kitchen makeover story transforms a drab 30’s 10′ x 10′ kitchen into a vibrant retro space. The ideas are really good and simple – colorfully painted cabinets with punches of contrasting utensils, a milky white corian counter and sink, and sleek, streamline fixtures – dramatic differences that come at a small price. I even like that they kept the twee stove in the corner, made cuter flanked by so much color and shine. An appealing layout with clear and intimate details makes for nice eye candy. Going to show that fresh ideas don’t require a lot of money, but to keep a magazine running does.


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