Les plans sont arrivés!

plan-1a.jpg plan-2a.jpg plan-3a.jpg

I was absolutely elated to see my plans arrive on schedule today. It finally feels real. Not that toiling every waking hour of my weekends to hard labor aka cabinet stripping, does not feel real, only sisyphian at times. Seeing the plans laid out on paper, I can start to think about my wants and needs. I want more counterspace – I have it with a 36″ x 48″ peninsula and a rear cabinet where the current horrible fridge is. I need storage for my dry goods – I will have a wall of shallow shelving 5″ deep to hold jars and boxes in a single row, and more shallow storage (4″ deep) in the broom closet next to the peninsula. I want drawers for my flatware and utensils – rear cabinet. With more answers, come more questions: will all the electrical outlets be accessible? how does the rear cabinet articulate with the wall of dry goods shelving? how deep is the rear cabinet? do I really need that much shallow shelving? is the footprint of The Littlest Kitchen getting too small? All these questions will be answered in another week when I get back from vacation. I hope.

One Response to “Les plans sont arrivés!”

  1. john Says:

    Hey buddy,

    The title should read: les plans sont arrivés

    The verb ETRE (to be) in French must be accorded to the plural subject (the way you wrote here is under the singular feminine form with the ending in: ée). Otherwise good writing, and fun site.

    John. M

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