Quick Huevos Rancheros

img_1543.jpg img_1544.jpg

I still have a pile of blue corn tortillas from crazy loot. Instead of being industrious by making enchiladas which uses up a lot of tortillas in one time but takes a time commitment, my schedule has only allowed for quick meals and a slow chipping away at the pile with quick huevos rancheros. Adapted from Cook’s Illustrated, these huevos take minutes to make with the help of pre-made salsa. And it’s good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Quick Huevos Rancheros for one

-in a small frying pan, melt 1/2t butter on high
-heat 1 corn tortilla until lightly brown in spots for a crisp tortilla, or until pliable for a soft tortilla
-repeat on the other side, set aside on a plate
-pour 1/2 cup of salsa in pan, being careful not to splatter
-create an empty center and crack 1 egg in the middle, heat until set
-place on top of corn tortilla, with a few slices of avocado

For more people, heat the tortillas in the oven by lightly brushing with oil and toasting at 400 degrees for 3-5 minutes. Beans and salad round out the meal. The eggs look nice sitting on the tortilla, but sometimes I’m lazy and just rip up the tortilla in pieces before placing the eggs on top to create an easier food delivery system straight to my mouth.


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