It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

img_1583.jpg img_1580.jpg img_1574.jpg

When I first saw the new black bucket carts at Whole Foods, I thought that they were genius. Deeper than the standard handbasket, yet half the size of a shopping cart, these buckets on wheels (!) with their telescoping handles, were the ultimate, scaled down, New York invention. Until you go to the Whole Foods in Union Square, where they are an inappropriate and rude blight onto a small space. Traffic jams of snarled carts teem up and around the congested aisles. People carelesslly drag around their carts, which creates an extra two feet of space around them. Anything below the knees becomes fair game of attack by these mobile weapons. Like their predecessor, wheeled luggage, people become thoughtless and downright retarded in maneuvering their stuff on wheels. Luckily, humans, being an adaptable lot, are adjusting to their new toys and I’ve noticed that more people are carrying the oversize basket instead of rolling them. Genius.

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