Mind-altering tuna salad

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I like to think of myself as a progressive eater. I like bold flavors, interesting combinations, and a wide variety of foods. A discerning omnivore, I know what I like, but at the same time, I like to keep an open mind. The one thing that I am almost poutingly child-like and fussy over is onions. I hate raw onions. I like cooked onions that don’t have a bit of crunch left in it, even onion rings, but biting into a raw onion can ruin a perfectly good dining experience, making my mouth feel polluted. I’ve tried to like them, really I have, but I can’t get over it.

The only way that raw onions, not even onions, scallions, are exempt is in a tuna salad. And the scallions have to be minced to an almost paste-like state. My mind was changed with a tuna sandwich from the Excellent Dumpling House. A tuna salad in the most unlikely place, this $2.50 treat is served in a crispy sesame pancake. Minced scallions in the tuna add pungency, without being punishing, I found myself craving it.

Tuna Salad

-mince 1-2 scallions, white and a little of the green parts
-chop 1-2 celery stalks
-drain 1-6 oz. can of tuna
-in a bowl combine the scallions, celery, and tuna with 2 T mayonnaise, 1t mustard, and a couple of shakes of black pepper

This combination extends to egg and chicken salads. Mayo for creaminess, scallions for flavor, and celery for crunch are the golden rules. Parsley and lemon juice add brightness, if you have it around.

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