Ikea Envy


In dealing with my renovation, sometimes I wish I could just do an Ikea kitchen. The smooth lines of Akurum cabinetry mixed in with the
impressive compartamentalizing of Rationell interior fittings, the
utilitarian Grudtal rail system, even the appliances have a simple
beauty. And the prices can’t be beat for the style.

The Littlest Kitchen is way too small for the standardized
requirements of an Ikea kitchen. The appliances are too big for the
pre-war kitcheonette, and even thought the cabinets can be customized
to an extent, there are strange nooks and crannies to be dealt with.
The Littlest Kitchen requires thinking out of the Ikea box.

So there are a million choices to be made, an avalanche of
consequential decisions deserving of a flow chart. The beauty of Ikea
is the moderate number of choices fitting of a personality test.
Sleek and modern? Abstrakt. Homey and warm? Fagerland. Eco chic?
Nexus. Mixing and matching, which is fun, not overwhelming.


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