Divide and Conquer, part 2

img_1524.jpg img_1526.jpg img_1527.jpg img_1528.jpg

Now that I’ve successfully killed the tortilla pie, I’ve slowly been doing the same with the rice. Inspired by Heidi Swanson’s Poached Eggs Over Rice, the simple combination of a runny egg, spicy greens, and earthy rice would make for an easy, healthy meal. The flavorful Korean rice was waiting to be used up, and it would be a snap to whip up some kale and garlic, and a fried egg.

Spicy Greens

-mince 3 cloves garlic
-wash and cut out the large stems of 1 lb. kale, collard greens, or swiss chard
-heat 1T vegetable oil, add garlic and 1/4t crushed red pepper, heat 1 minute until fragrant
-add greens, stirring to combine with garlic until wilted, about 2 minutes
-when the greens shrink in volume, add 1/4 cup of water and cover, cook for 5 minutes until the greens are juicy, not chalky

The goal with this dish is to eventually stir it all up so that the yolk of the egg would bind the rice and greens together in a tasty mess. This reminded me of bibim bap. I happened to have some Korean hot bean paste and pickled ginger carrots to add to the mix, a makeshift vegetarian bibim bap was born. In under 20 minutes.

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