Dream On


I can’t deny the swoon factor in “Tiny Dream Kitchens” featured in this month’s Domino. The tiny kitchens in this article are all in one units that incorporate many features like sink, stove, storage, and refridgeration. I’ve never been a believer in things that perform multiple tasks, often because they don’t do any of them well, but these units send my heart aflutter. I’m especially infatuated with the Alpes washing/cooking block. I fantasize about it as my peninsula – the smoth stainless countertop housing a custom sink and cooktop with mix and match oven and recycling drawers – all practical and inobtrusive, but the price brings me down to earth at $25,000. The Boffi Mini Kitchen is a Japanese puzzle box of drawers and compartments tucked into one smoothly designed glorified airplane beverage cart. I love it and hate it at the same time, hating it more at the $30,000 price tag. Finally, the Acme kitchenette is no slouch, and quite reasonable in price, but I wouldn’t want this efficiency as my main kitchen. I’ll consider it for the in-law wing of the house – I can dream can’t I?

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