Glass House

img_1192.jpg img_1193.jpg img_1195.jpg img_1196.jpg img_1197.jpg img_1198.jpg

I went to Philip Johnson’s Glass House back in September, and I have to say, I was underwhelmed by the kitchen. Granted, it hadn’t been used in a few years, and it’s supposed to be invisible, it’s nowhere near as stunning as the rest of the house and grounds. Painted a battleship gray, it tonally blends in with the landscape, as not to stick out, as it would if it were white, black or metal. Everything is counterheight as not to obstruct views in or out of the house. The stove is only 20 inches and the fridge is an undercounter, apartment-size appliances for a well-sized house. To distinguish the kitchen from the living area, interior cabinets within the kitchen are grey (as seen from the outside), exterior surfaces are wood (as seen from the inside). Nowhere is this more pronounced than with the nifty flip up counter that goes over the oven and sink. Flipped up in utilitarian gray, one could use the sink and oven; flipped down in attractive wood, creates an island for entertaining by hiding said appliances. Minimal is one thing, but on its own without the beauty that surrounds it, this kitchen could conceivably be found in any employee breakroom.

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