Little London kitchen

img_1365.jpg img_1364.jpg

Happy New Year! The purpose of The Littlest Kitchen isn’t just to go on ad nauseum about my renovation. I’d also like to talk about food, design, and inspiration, through the filter of this small space. I’ll look at other people’s kitchens, test recipes, critique kitchen gadgets, share tips, be inspired by the world beyond, and bring it back to The Littlest Kitchen.

To start the New Year, I’ll begin with a little kitchen porn. My friend’s London kitchen is a smartly designed modern intervention in a prewar flat. Clad in stainless steel on one side, and white seamless cabinets on the other, it provides a streamline visual to an otherwise cluttered space. The back of the kitchen is a translucent wall that brings light from the window in the bedroom behind it. Shiny surfaces give the illusion of a bigger space and much workspace. Hidden behind the white doors lie, from back to front, a washer and dryer, oven, separate cooktop, and refridgerator. On the steel side, resides pull-out drawers for storage, and a dishwasher. The upper shelf creates another elongated line along the galley kitchen, and a nice area to see glasses and such. A rail under the shelf creates a discreet system of hanging racks, holding an extra shelf for comestibles and a dish drying rack for small jobs. Although I love the stainless steel for its sleekness and practicality, it’s an OCD bugaboo, making the likes of myself to spend hours on banishing every water drop and fingerprint. Aside from my own idiosyncracy, I aspire to a kitchen like this, in half the space.


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